I’m Founding Director Victoria Dixon-Mokeba.

I am a wife, mom, “Mimi,” sister, auntie, and friend. I live in Columbia, South Carolina, with my husband and our son Natondi. I have an adult daughter, Latoya, who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with my son-in-love, Lee, and grandchildren. I love to travel with my family and spend time at the Isle of Palms.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, as I was constantly playing school with stuffed animals and dolls as a child. After graduating from Airport High School, I attended Morris College in Sumter, South Carolina. There I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History and met my husband, Samuel.

Currently, I have a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts, and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Carolina. I am continuing to hone my learning and educational status, and I learn from our students and staff each day! As a National Board Certified Teacher, I have acquired various strategies and techniques to engage and reach all stakeholders.

Carolina School for Inquiry is very near and dear to my heart. The “little school on the hill” is changing lives, both small and large.