Students entering grades K-3 through 6 and residing in Richland School District One are eligible to apply for admission to Carolina School for Inquiry.

Priority status will be granted to siblings of children presently enrolled and children of Founding Charter School committee members not to exceed 20% of total enrollment.

Out-of-district students will be accepted on a fee-basis according to Richland District One regulations, but not to exceed 10% of the total enrollment. In-district students will be given priority over out-of-district students. Out-of-district students will be considered on the basis of the order in which their applications are received.

lottery procedures

In the event the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the school, a lottery will be conducted in each grade level affected. Representatives from the Carolina School for Inquiry will supervise the lottery. The lottery will be duly publicized and held at an evening meeting open to the public.

    1. A lottery card bearing the name of the student and his/her grade will be created for each applicant after verifying each lottery card against the application.
    2. The individual lottery card will be placed in an unmarked envelope.
    3. All lottery cards (in their unmarked envelopes) will be placed in large, clear containers by grade applied for and shuffled thoroughly.
    4. The process will continue until all envelopes have been drawn, opened, and recorded.
    5. The names drawn in lottery number order equaling the enrollment openings will be placed on the class roster for that grade.
    6. The remaining names will be placed on a waiting list for that grade in their lottery order number.
    7. The process will be repeated for all appropriate grade levels.