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Employment Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
  Physical Address:
7405-A Fairfield Rd
Columbia, SC 29203


Please mail all correspondence to:
P.O. Box 2484
Columbia, SC 29202

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Click on staff member's name to view individual pages.
Victoria Dixon-Mokeba Founding Director/
Head of School
Natasha Grigg Assistant Principal for Discipline and Operations ngrigg@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Tamika Lowe Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction/SC TAP Master Teacher tlowe@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Julianne Scott School Nurse/Events Coordinator jrawley-scott@carolnaschoolforinquiry
Chris Kauffman Guidance Counselor/Coordinator of Social Services & After School Programs ckauffman@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Christina Kauffman Nutrition Manager christie.kauffman@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Gloria Boutte Curriculum Consultant gboutte@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org


Porsche Knight 3/4K STEAM Teacher pknight@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Chelsey Riley 3/4K Co-STEAM Teacher/After School Programs criley@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
StaceyMcDonald 4/5K STEAM Teacher smcdonald@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Praylonn Prince 4/5K Co-STEAM Teacher/ After School Programs pprince@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Dianne Hobbs K-1 STEAM Teacher dhobbes@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Christen Sistare K-1 STEAM Teacher/
SC TAP Mentor Teacher
Arlington Akers 5K/1st Co-STEAM Teacher/After School Programs aakers@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Alicia DiFronzo 1st/2nd Math/Science adifronzo@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Shykeila Fulton 1st/2nd ELA/Social Studies sfulton@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Michael Bartolay 3rd/4th Math/Science mbartolay@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Beverly Pinnell 3rd/4th ELA/Social Studies bpinnell@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Kathy Evans 5th/6th Math/Science kevans@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Damon Hodges 5th/6th ELA/Social Studies dhodges@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org

Related Arts Specialists

Sabrina Chen Mandarin (Chinese) schen@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
April James Yoga Instruction aprilglennjames@gmail.com
Jessica Peele Music/STEAM Coordinator jpeele@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Jacquelyn Sawyer Art Education jsawyer@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org

Support Staff

Bob Cox Assistant/Media Services bcox@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Malik Edmond Custodian medmond@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Richard Smith Head Custodian rsmith@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Donna-Neisha Steele Special Education Resource/RTI Chair/504 Chair dsteele@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org
Ricky Hollister Security Officer mtyler@carolinaschoolforinquiry.org

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